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We understand the critical importance of health and safety, beyond compliance, to ensure every employee returns home safely.

Our end-to-end services, across diverse sectors, at every level of your operations are designed to foster a proactive approach to health management and safety assurance within every workplace.

From detailed pre-employment medical assessments to strategic injury management, onsite services, and expert medico-legal reporting, our team of leading occupational physicians and consultants is dedicated to excellence.



Optimal Health Solutions

We promise more than service; we provide certainty.

Medical Assessment Services

Ensure workplace safety and productivity with OSHGroup’s advanced occupational health assessments, proactively identifying and addressing potential health issues.

Travel Health and Vaccinations

Prepare employees for overseas work with OSHGroup’s travel health services, including vaccinations, medical kits, and comprehensive health plans.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Maintain a safe, compliant workplace with OSHGroup's comprehensive, onsite drug and alcohol testing services, supporting your safety strategy.

Injury Management

Ensure swift, effective rehabilitation and a safe return to work with OSHGroup's tailored injury management services, minimising downtime and enhancing workforce health.

Onsite Services

Enhance workplace safety with OSHGroup's onsite medical services, including emergency response, health screenings, and ergonomic assessments, ensuring seamless health integration and compliance.

Health Surveillance

Protect your employees with OSHGroup's rigorous health surveillance, detecting risks early to enhance workplace safety and health.

Fitness for Work

OSHGroup's fitness for work assessments ensure employees meet job requirements safely, providing comprehensive reports for informed workforce deployment decisions.

Health Service Permits

OSHGroup specializes in Health Service Permits, helping Australian organisations manage poisons safely and comply with regulations, ensuring best practices in occupational health and safety.

Corporate Advisory Services

Enhance workplace mental health with OSHGroup's Alta Corporate Psychology services, offering tailored assessments and programs to foster psychological safety and address psychosocial risks, boosting productivity and workplace harmony.

Medico-Legal and IME Services

Reduce financial risk with OSHGroup's medico-legal expertise, offering precise medical assessments and authoritative reports for accurate claim evaluations and robust legal support.

Doctor On-Call

OSHGroup's Doctor on Call service ensures 24/7 global access to medical professionals via satellite phone, providing immediate medical advice and urgent consultations.

Alta Corporate Psychology

Alta Corporate Psychology specialises in workplace psychology, offering coaching, counselling, consulting, and training to enhance individual and organisational performance.

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Mining remains one of the most challenging sectors due to the risks of respiratory diseases from dust and gas exposure and the physical dangers associated with underground and remote environments.

OSHGroup’s dedicated services address these issues head-on with advanced respiratory protection plans, emergency medical response strategies tailored for isolated and remote operations, and continuous health surveillance to preemptively tackle occupational health risks.

Our comprehensive approach ensures the ongoing health and robust safety of your mining workforce, effectively managing both immediate and long-term occupational health concerns.

OSHGroup has played an integral part in upholding high standards of leading mining companies across Australia. Our experience means that as your trusted partner, we bring certainty to your workforce health, safety and productivity.

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In the fast-paced and mechanically intensive Australian manufacturing industry, the daily integration of heavy machinery, exposure to hazardous materials, and repetitive physical tasks presents significant risks.

To mitigate these, OSHGroup offers rigorous risk assessments, specifically focusing on machinery safety and chemical exposure.
We implement ergonomic solutions tailored to reduce injuries related to repetitive strain and enhance overall worker well-being through robust safety training programs.

Our proactive safety culture initiatives not only reduce workplace accidents but also elevate productivity, fostering a safer, more efficient manufacturing environment.

Our experience working for small to large companies within the manufacturing sector brings a new level of certainty to your workforce safety, health and productivity.

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We understand, the transport industry encounters specific health risks related to prolonged periods of driving, such as cardiovascular issues, fatigue, and musculoskeletal disorders from long-term sitting.

OSHGroup’s long-earned expertise over decades, means we can address these concerns with targeted health assessments focusing on driver wellness, ergonomic assessments for vehicle setups, and comprehensive fatigue management strategies.

These initiatives are crucial for enhancing driver safety and reducing the risks associated with long-haul transport, ensuring both compliance with safety regulations and a healthier, more alert workforce.

OSHGroup offers a new level of certainty in workforce health and safety.

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The international oil & gas sector is fraught with high-stakes challenges, including the potential for significant environmental hazards such as oil spills, fires, and chemical leaks.

OSHGroup provides specialised training in fire safety and emergency response, chemical risk assessments and management, and rigorous health monitoring protocols tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

Our strategic health and safety measures are designed to meet the rigorous safety standards required in the sector while protecting your workforce from the unique occupational hazards they face daily.

Founded in decades of oil & gas sector experience, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this high-risk working environment and the rigorous safety standards, bringing certainty to the safety of your operations.

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Operating within the travel industry, employee health risks include exposure to infectious diseases and adapting to varying environmental conditions globally.

OSHGroup’s comprehensive health preparations for travel industry workers include detailed travel health plans, necessary vaccinations, and ongoing support through access to medical advice and real-time travel health updates.

Our deep understanding and expertise in delivering certainty in workforce health solutions means our partnership ensures employees are well-prepared and protected, enhancing their safety and health wherever their duties may take them.

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